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Pre-existing conditions Trump’s Health Care doesn’t cover: humanity

May 8, 2017

As a three-time cancer survivor we share the same pre-existing condition: it’s called humanity (lacking in Republicans who voted to repeal our future care while keeping not repealing theirs.).

Here’s a pre-existing condition Trumps Health Care doesn’t cover The US Constitution: “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, INSURE domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, PROMOTE THE GENERAL WELFARE and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America

The difference between people with cancer and GOP is we can be cured!

Hey Trump and GOP! I’m one Pre-Existenting condition coming to get you! And they’re are millions of us!

Mort Sahl and the dreams

May 6, 2017

Enjoying Mort Sahl’s bio. One message throughout is affirmation and commitment to articulating his style and vision. That’s what you have to do–commit to a life. Like I was telling someone, “:You neve get in trouble being like everyone else, you only get in trouble when you want to be yourself.” Everyone wants the security of knowing how deep the water is BEFORE they jump off life’s high dive, but what draws people, dreams, admiration, and the founding of courage and determination within to handle sacrifice and rejection, is seeing a person take the dive and not knowing how deep the water is. And it’s in that dive you find out who and what you are. The ones who walk away from it are usually life’s critics. They splash the dreamers from the kiddie pool!

You can see 90-year old Mort talking about his book and doing stand-up on periscope or you can go to Lucy Mercer‘s cool Throckmorton Theater and see Mort perform on Thursdays. You can tell the book’s publication has enlivened him. A joy to see.


The hardest forgive: yourself

April 13, 2017

From going through cancer I get some interesting comments from people. One person said the reason she was going through chemo alone was her friends just couldn’t bear to see her in that condition. My response was simple: I said it sounded like either she needed new friends ort she hadn’t done enough for her friends to make them want to leave their comfort zone to reliever her suffering and that it was time to reexamine. I will say you have to go through some hard thoughts, squeezing through the rebarred-strewn past of regrets or mistakes, and yo9u have to forgive others, but sometimes, when you’re standing in the bright light of self-accusation you have to also find it n your heart to forgive yourself. And the best way to do that is live a better life for your dreams of who you are and for others so you can share the view of a summit. We are born to climb for a better view, baby!

Summer memory

April 9, 2017
A summer memory. I was a dedicated tennis player in high school. I spent the summer caddying at a public golf course and using the money to buy tennis balls. And I would go out to the tennis courts and set up tennis cans in all four corners on the service box and aim at them,We lived in a suburban Freehold development called “Stonehurst” and the neighborhood had a small swim club, a Y-shaped pool, a wading pool for kids, a barbecue area for adults, and a basketball court and two tennis courts. Nearly everyone belonged to it. Anyway, the courts were rimmed with small yellow pebbled areas. And the check-in area for the main club’s building has two speakers playing rock music on WNEW-FM. And I remember hearing James Taylor or The Who and hitting serve after server in the evening and listening to the tennis balls bounce and then hit the pebbles with a crumbling and rattling sound and settle. And I’d be out there all by myself and couldn’t imagine life getting better than this.

Hillary Go Away

April 9, 2017

America doesn’t like a loser. A Hillary is a loser. I see her the same way I see Marcia Clark who blew the OJ case. Liberals love victims. They can never get enough of the walking wounded. When I see or read her quotes all I can think of was her terrible campaign and how because of her, Nancy Pelosi, Wasserman-Shultz, MSNBC, etc. we have Trump. They failed. Let the new blood in the party in, and let this crew write their books and teach at colleges. Stop wading in ther mainstream if you can’t swim.

The Capacity to Wonder: Five Came Back

April 1, 2017

Had to watch all three episodes last night of “Five Came Back” about five directors who filmed WW2–Wyler, Huston, Capra, Ford, Stevens. Wow! I got up early in the morning to rewatch episode three (Man, that scene with the veteran in the B-52 graveyard in “The Best Years of Their Lives”! Whew!) Wyler and Stevens are so inspiring! What heart. It always fascinates me on how people have the capacity to change and discover higher aspects of their being and feeling for others and to cling desperately to their pulse to fight for defining their life. I felt this strongly with Wyler and Stevens more than the others (As men, not artists, Ford had moments but was wedded too much to his arrogance, and Huston comes across as a bit of a hustler, and Capra, well-intentioned, but not as brave as Wyler and Stevens. But they all were humbled in some way by the sacrifices and horrors they experienced.) The footage of the war and the concentration camps and the liberation of Paris and the depth of dimension in the eyes of the soldiers is powerful and uplifting. It all ripped deeply into me because of my combat duty fighting cancer and how all my friends helped me in every possible way. Going through this, the suffering, the physical hampering, hardens resolve to keep hitting the stage, enduring it all. We are born to triumph. And when you give up on that–well, then you’ve given up on life. Don’t take the minutes, seconds, or hours for granted–devour them the best way you can! It’s a great meal to share. Reserved the book at the library, and want to see Best Years again. And if you see Stewart’s performance in Wonderful Life as him going through the emotions of PSTD (which he had from his combat experience) it’s deeper than the film. What people can do. Ah, the capacity to wonder what we can do is endless!

Go backwards…

March 30, 2017

I read the newspapers and radio and TV news and how they state how certain jobs are never coming back (here, they mean, but not elsewhere), then state how getting rid of Nafta and having a border tax on imports will hurt (Yeah, and who opposes that: Walmart and the Koch Brothers of coal, oil and gas fame.).

The claim on a border tax as well as getting rid of Nafta and trader agreements supposedly means businesses won’t be able to compete because in globalization other companies who make goods in other countries with cheaper labor can undercut them in price. Well, then maybe what these companies would have to do is cut the flow of money going to the top one-tenth of one percent to keep the price of their products competitive so the money flows in another direction–say to labor?

And the articles that show how American businesses would be affected by angering other countries–well, most of these businesses are service industries or goods to illegal immigrants or HB-1 Visa workers, or supplies or supply parts to the corporations who have built industrial plants in Malaysia or Montertrey, Mexico where people doing jobs that were once done here. So it seems those who are screaming the loudest are the ones who have been cashing in at everyone else expense.

In essence, the work is there, the jobs are there, but the profits are based in cheap labor and the money going away from the bulk of people to a smaller and smaller group, who take those profits and lobby for the rules to enrich themselves even further.

So when I think of how small towns had local businesses and viable downtowns that provided jobs, not service and hospitality for those making more than them, I think, why not go backwards. Or says we can’t? The ones who somehow keep winning the way things are now.