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About Fredly

Fred Reiss' split personality at Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz, California

Fred Reiss was a reporter for seven years in Connecticut until he had testicular cancer (one testicle was plucked, now he’s down to five). After being given a second chance, Fred quit his job, left for California to surf, do stand-up comedy, learn about wine and write. Fred has performed in Bakersfield, Yuba City and on national TV (see “love me” You Tube). When he’s working, he’s a radio talk show host. Fred also pours wine, crushes Pinot Noir grapes and gets vertical at the Roudon-Smith Winery in the Santa Cruz Mountains. He has held jobs in advertising, a bank, a mental facility, a bed & breakfast, a warehouse, surf shop, several radio stations, and has also been a camp counselor, substitute teacher and tennis instructor.  He partially grew up in Freehold, New Jersey. He lives in Northern California with his girlfriend, and 3 cats: Groucho, Brooksie, and Bogey (She and the cats flee when Fred turns on the vacuum cleaner.).

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Fred’s Two Fears: 1.) Having to move back to Connecticut. 2.) Bass solos.

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