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People should be lucky they have a job: serving?

December 19, 2018

I was in a breakfast place at a community table, and this woman who was clearly retired and who lived in Santa Rosa but had a vacation rental was talking about how wonderful the tech industry is and how she didn’t understand why people were upset about it. She was eating next to her son, who was in his thirties and looked like he had some history of substance abuse and wasn’t all there but dependent on her. and she gave off the vibe of never really holding a job, but had money, and her husband was probably dead–and probably glad of it. She looked like her body dried out years ago from her firm opinions.

“They create jobs and spend money.”

“Yes, they create service jobs,” I said. “You either serve them or work for them–there’s no in between.”

“Well, people are spending money at restaurants and coffee houses and clubs.”

“Yes, and who is spending the money, the tech people and again they are being served–make my coffee, bring me my meal, play a song for me.” I paused, “And it’s a prospector mentality, they’re here for the money, They’re consuming and not building anything, a lot of local businesses go under, new stores go in, then when the ecnomy dumps we have vacant buildings, and they leave after they break a piece of the coral reef.

“Well, they create jobs. Look at all the coffee houses, like a place like Verve, which has jobs for people.”

“Again, service jobs.”

She haughtily said, “They can go into management there.”

“Oh yeah, great, you work for twenty years standing on your feet serving people coffee. And there you are in your forties.;No severance, benefits or any skills. Sounds like a great future.”

Her son’s eyes brief lighted up, he smirked. He clearly enjoyed that his mother was slightly miffed someone disagreed with her, and told her so. She was clearly a type who spoke, and people had to listen and not respond.

Well, she ran into the Fred Man.

“I think the tech industry is a good thing,” she said, getting up, and followed by her smirking son.

Who can argue that?

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