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Waaaaaah Happened Part Two

September 8, 2017

Hillary’s new book shouldn’t be What Happened. It should be Waaaaaaah Happened!

“Waaaaah, waaah, waaah, Mommy the big man picked on me. I don’t want to fight back,l hold my ground, when he goes low I want to go high. Where’s my Waaaaaaambulance! Where’s my speaking points. Waaaaaaaah.” People want a fighter, man. If you couldn’t find it in yourself back then, then you didn’t have it to begin with. Go hang out with Marcia Clark (the failed OJ prosecutor) and waaaaaaaaaaaaah over a vertical Chardonnay and self-pity tasting!)
“They picked on me for being greedy and taking over 150 million in speaking fees and saying real Democrats don’t do that. Mommmy! Waaaaah!

(When he said you were a horrible woman you should have gone New Jersey on his ass and say, “Why didn’t you just march over to him, poke him and say, “You who burn contractors and don’t pay them, you talking about outsourcing jobs and wesaring thousand-dollar suits and and wearing one of your ties made ion China, and you call that a haircut, and what are you going to do next grope me you pompous country-club loving spoiled brat who has never accomplished anything that has enriched anybody except you and your family!” )

“My staff said I should have owned up to my email mistakes earlier and I didn’t and it hurt me! Waaaaaaaaaah. I ignored Bernie Sanders messages, didn’t campaign in Wisconsin, even ignored my husband’s warning I was losing the middle class. Waaaaaaaaaah! It was my turn to be president, not fair, not fair! Waaaaaaaah.”

What Happened, I know what happened.

If I fought cancer the way you did you campaign, I’d be dead.

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