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Fred For Your Head: Latest one lines on Trump and more

May 30, 2017

Welfare people have to work to get their medical benefits, okay, so should Congress and the Senate?

Paris climate change—used to be called “retreating

Funny how Trump administration types who have made their millions on insider trading are offended by leaks.

Trump is over seventy and complaining about leaks–to his urologist.

Trump’s HUD Secretary Ben Carson says, “Poverty is a state of mind”–it’s a state: West Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi….

The only leaks Trump GOP likes are the ones they take when they trickle down on us.

The sad thing about Hillary’s commencement speech–I didn’t realize it took her 48 years to graduate from Wellesley College.

One thing I never associated with Trump: giving away intelligence.

Not only did Comey lose his job, under TrumpCare is ineligible for coverage.

Trump wants to open logging on National Parks and Redwood Cafes.

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