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The music inside you

May 9, 2017

I’m driving and caught up in Joey Ramone’s version of “What A Wonderful World,” grooving on the colors of the trees and the sky, and just having a chance to diver back into this dream of a world, like diving into a solution that is vibrant and throbbing with colors and possibility and undiminished hopes and the lessons of rejection without acquiring bitterness in this exhilarating routine moment that was almost denied me forever. And here I am, singing and laughing.

Then some assclown just pulls out in front of me.

I get mad, shaking my head, flipping up my hands in disgust and muttering, “Asshole, asshole.”

The moment passed.

The song I was enjoying was over.

I let anger take me away from the music.

Then I thought, in our life we have our own music within us, and when we succumb to anger, we get suckered out of ourselves. But if we stay close to the music, instead of getting angry, you can triumph over the moment by keeping the beat of that music, and dance around it, untouched, and in love.

A lesson.

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