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Mort Sahl and the dreams

May 6, 2017

Enjoying Mort Sahl’s bio. One message throughout is affirmation and commitment to articulating his style and vision. That’s what you have to do–commit to a life. Like I was telling someone, “:You neve get in trouble being like everyone else, you only get in trouble when you want to be yourself.” Everyone wants the security of knowing how deep the water is BEFORE they jump off life’s high dive, but what draws people, dreams, admiration, and the founding of courage and determination within to handle sacrifice and rejection, is seeing a person take the dive and not knowing how deep the water is. And it’s in that dive you find out who and what you are. The ones who walk away from it are usually life’s critics. They splash the dreamers from the kiddie pool!

You can see 90-year old Mort talking about his book and doing stand-up on periscope or you can go to Lucy Mercer‘s cool Throckmorton Theater and see Mort perform on Thursdays. You can tell the book’s publication has enlivened him. A joy to see.


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