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Go backwards…

March 30, 2017

I read the newspapers and radio and TV news and how they state how certain jobs are never coming back (here, they mean, but not elsewhere), then state how getting rid of Nafta and having a border tax on imports will hurt (Yeah, and who opposes that: Walmart and the Koch Brothers of coal, oil and gas fame.).

The claim on a border tax as well as getting rid of Nafta and trader agreements supposedly means businesses won’t be able to compete because in globalization other companies who make goods in other countries with cheaper labor can undercut them in price. Well, then maybe what these companies would have to do is cut the flow of money going to the top one-tenth of one percent to keep the price of their products competitive so the money flows in another direction–say to labor?

And the articles that show how American businesses would be affected by angering other countries–well, most of these businesses are service industries or goods to illegal immigrants or HB-1 Visa workers, or supplies or supply parts to the corporations who have built industrial plants in Malaysia or Montertrey, Mexico where people doing jobs that were once done here. So it seems those who are screaming the loudest are the ones who have been cashing in at everyone else expense.

In essence, the work is there, the jobs are there, but the profits are based in cheap labor and the money going away from the bulk of people to a smaller and smaller group, who take those profits and lobby for the rules to enrich themselves even further.

So when I think of how small towns had local businesses and viable downtowns that provided jobs, not service and hospitality for those making more than them, I think, why not go backwards. Or says we can’t? The ones who somehow keep winning the way things are now.

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