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Returning to the body

January 16, 2017



skinny_oneFirst day back in the gym regain my strength. I lost 66 pounds. Trying to get my muscles and tone back. My stomach looks sucked in but that’s how it actually is! I’m kinda bony. You can see my ribs! The bump above my collar bone is my port. Going to take awhile to get back in the world. In the meantime, after reading “How We Get Fat,” I’ll avoid as many carbos with some pizza or bread (occasionally). A great book by the guy who just came out on one about the deadly effect of sugar. Not a health food book, backed by going through medical studies that said how the sugar industry hired academic to defend sugar and say saturated fat is the enemy (It’s not), but that if you want to break down your fat cells avoid carbos so the body doesn’t produce a lot of insulin and breaks down your fat cells. Granted, I’m trying to gain weight, but I want good weight.

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