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What Christmas Means to me today

December 24, 2016

Bill Maher posted some horrible post about American’s religion during the holidays being materialistic. I enjoy his political brain but not his humanity. When I think of Christmas or people, especially after all I saw during my three struggles with cancer, and how it brought out a deeper depth in myself and in them that reached beyond ourselves into bigger and more resounding hearts–well, I secretly wonder where his parents screwed up to find themselves with a son who had a mean brain that was clever enough to avoid questioning its own beliefs. I’m not a religious person. I would say I’m more of a humanist.

And when I think of Xmas, I got way back to being five in Clifton, New Jersey. My parents were so young then and had three kids, my two sisters and me. And we believed in Santa. And yes, I wanted a Mr. Kelly’s Car Wash Toy, a Monkey Division Gun, and a Lionel Bosco car, and a submarine car. Yes, materialism, I guess. And under the tree was the car wash and the Monkey Division Helmet and gun, and later I discovered Santa had placed the Bosco car and the Submarine car on the tracks of y train set i the other room. And when I think back to those days, and Christmas, I think of my parents who could have used that money on themselves, but spent it on the toys for their kids and gave us the warmth of a Christmas tree in our basement on the cold linoleum floor. I think of Mom and Dad–and yes, I like getting presents on Xmas, but I also like giving. And my parents didn’t teach me about materialism, they taught me about sacrifice, love,and giving. And I find the people who didn’t have parents like that, are usually the ones like Bill Maher on the holidays, who have an answer for everything except their cold, cold hearts and overcooked, self-basting brains.

I’ll take Christmas and the kindness people have given me during my struggles along with my tears writing this during cancer over any thoughts my brain might give me thinking any other way.

Merry Xmas and thank all of you who gave me your support in every way..

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