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The pow of a punchline to the Big C

December 6, 2016

This morning I remembered how after I finished by set, a woman in the crowd smiled and repeated one of my punchlines, as if she was savoring its taste. This memory sent a shivering. vibrant throb from my throat down into myu body where it scattered, sprayed and spread throughout me. Ah, let the Fred Force be with you, I thought. This is what I created by working most of the day through writing and grinding. And it’s a force that’s scouring my body, driving any possibility of cancer out of me. Trapped and spinning in the perfect storm of me, swirling and smiling in a force I’ve fought to generate in my desire to live among the fear that every little ache could possibly be cancer again. And yet, and yet, I fly forward into the aches, believing in the laughter of others and the power of reaching deeper into oneself for a core that can’t be broken–if you’re willing to fight for it.

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