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The Pivot to stay true to form against cancer

November 7, 2016
I guess. That’s what I do. Someytimes cancer thoughts go Hemingway. Short, punchy, direct (, with a few true falsehoods thrown in). And it seems meaningless. But it’s like trying and hoping to start a car that might not turn over.
You want to get traction, purchase. You are tired of being a patient where things are acted upon you. You wsant to get that traction on cancer to smear it, cruelly and joyfully digging your spikes into is soft squealing malignant mass. You want to push and rip the tumor away. So you can pivot back into your life–it’s a propulsiver drive against the formidable, that I believe rejuvenates and obilterates the lanquor oif illness with the snarling and roar desire to claw more out of life, which doesn’t have to be a violent act, but a form of determined sculpting, shaping form out of a block of a blank in your day.
So are you going to open your eyes and be true to form?


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