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Roy Cohn is the Trump Card

October 30, 2016
If you want to understand Trump’s style go back to his life coach: Roy Cohn McCarthy;s right hand man. He used bullying, inmidationg, personal attacks, and then repeated his lies or fabrications in the form of accusations. He steamrolled them.
When Hillary prides herself by saying, ‘When they go low, I go high.” Well, it only makes her look ridiculous, You gotta be a figher. WHy not dig in and say a line like, “I”m being yelled at without facts by a guy wearing a tie he made in China.”
Dems don;t get that Americans feel better if you throw a punch, instead of taking one and then whining, “See what he did?”
Clealry, these latest emails simply show the machinery of politics, which is worth seeing. I have to laugh at Chelsea Clinton, working for the foundation, unable to be fired, and also knowing that when her parents die any money in the foundation that is willed to her is tax free (as are all foundations set up by the rich). For all their work in other countries, Paul Thoreaux said in hius book Deep South, the CLinton Foundation has done nothing for the Arkansas towns devasted by free trade.
Interesing what Mort Sahl said, “Hillary and Bill have never been invited for a dinner at the WHite house in eight years.”
The thing I see about the Trump people–well, it’s like someone who only watches Fox News or listenings to Rush, they get this very orderly opinion which they believe is supported by facts. You have to wonder, if they hate the New York Times, what do they say when the Wall STreet Journal does the same articles (usually written better, I might add, and did.)


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