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Thunder Dome

October 25, 2016


bald2I appreciate everyone compliments on my Thunder-Dome Look. I’m Fred unplugged. But I’d rather be peeled down than peel away. The main difficulty is my legs–there’s a heaviness and numbness that soaks through them. But I guess the ket to fighting cancer and enduring treatment is similar to facing adversities in life–you can’t let the bad things subsume you. You have to be slippery when they try to grasp you, draw you into battling them, taking you away from swinging your saber of light against the darkness. When you expend your energy to them, the darkness starts to creep up–and there come cynicism and comparison shopping.

I was in line at the Dollar Store. The guy in front of me had 29 items. I had three. I mentioned I only had three items. He ignored me. He was overweight, long hair parted in the middle, and with a kid. vHe was glum and grumpy looking. And everything he purchased were those tubs of microwave food. I figured.He’s divorced, doesn;t know how to cook, and stuck.

Well, he didn’t let me go in front of him. I’m assuming because life isn;t any easier for him so why make it easier for someone else.

Let him him go into the darkness.

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