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A food reversal

August 20, 2016

Okay, another way of looking at the game plan. Yes, it’s immensely frustrating not to be able to find food to taste. But the bottom line is I need the nutrition, so instead of seeing the lack of taste as something to deter me, I think, “You know, most medicine tastes terrible, so I have to think of food that tastes bad as medicine I have to swallow.” So, I don;t care if it doesn’t taste right, if I can eat it–I’ll swallow it. But everything at a certain pace–some foods are definitely way beyond my reach–like steak. Oddly, since July 9th have gad wine, beer, or coffee, mainly because it just doesn’t seem right

I must admit for the very first time I was scared yesterday. I noticed I was losing weight and knew I had to change a tactic. And I felt pinned down by the realty of my alter body–the difference beween this and cancer, is the operation alters me forever. I can;t say I’m happy about it, but they always counter with, “Would you rather be dead?” And as a patient, I would say, “How come you guys haven’t come up with a halfway poiint?” I have the feeling years from now, they’ll say, “You know back in the day, they actually cut the stomach and stretched it into a food tube! Nothing like we do today!”

With a new digestive tract, eating smaller portions, but when it’s a new food, it feels like a different animal is burrowng its way through my body. A tightness and strain.

I wait for it to settle and rest. But, jokes are coming into my head…other pieces are forming, half-clouds.

So I look to the sky with closed eyes.

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