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Tomorrow and the hell with positive

July 8, 2016

Okay, I go into a surgery where it’s up to someone else’s hands on whether I live or die. I have no control over this. Well-meaning and healthy people keep on talking about spiritual and positive to me, but those are the blessings of life, and good for them, it’s a form of condolence. But I can’t feel either. Yes, I go into surgery. Yes, I’ve tried to make myself strong through surfing and comedy and the friends I’ve accumulated. But, I’ll use the goalie analogy. I see a shot coming at me, my goal isn;’ spiritual; or positive–this is another world, where those things don’t exist. It’s to fight to be alive, to struggle, and to be inspired by what’s beyond you. A chance to be your own hero. Can you do it? There are people I know who never even extended a piece of support to me, and I pity them, because when these moments come to them, they will not be able to handle it. My goal is to take down what is coming at me, then afterwards, destroy it, and move into the cool things life has to offer, but spirituality and positive is a luxury for those who don’t find themselves where I am, and I have no problem with where I am, because I have a life worth fighting for, and I’ll take it down, then with a smile, move on to the next moment. I can only be strong, and work on whatever my talent my be. But until you learn how to throw a punch, you don’t know what it’s like to fight to embrace what you love. Can you fight for it?


I see it coming for me.


A soulless thing.


And I’m going to take it down without a shred of mercy.

I’m not going to be nice or spiritual or positive, but I will take it down, and I will smile in the sunlight and leave it behind

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