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I don’t have the time for shadows

July 7, 2016
There are people who are cancer survivors or have suffered from grief, or bad investments or relationships, and instead of seeing those tests as an experience they go through,they cling to them, keep their wound open, refuse to heal, never go beyond themselves. I see it. I don’t have much sympathy who enjoy their misery so much, expecially as I have to walk through cancer’s haunted house/ Amazing how some people have so much time to spare, when they can never get it back. I hold my ground and move on, doing the best I can to tap deeper into whatever spirit I have within me, and be as supportive as I can to others who want to move on, instead of wealking around like they’re still in a shallow grave.
For example, I was at the Stanford Cancer Center and thought I might leave a message for the oncologist who misdiahnosed me and led to all this suffering and complicated surgery.
But I didn’t.
I have to work to heal, and by leaving that behind me, whatever is beyond me, not articulated, will come to me in a better life, or a better jokes, or because I’m not weighed down byt it, will hopefully give me the buoyancy to overcome this next foe.
Go the the light, let the others cast a shadow on themselves.
I believe–yes, I’m coiled, and I believe, I believe…


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