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Fred Fundraiser

July 7, 2016

Greg Kihn and Robert Berry decided to have a fundraiser at The Spot In Campbell on August 13 to offset medical expenses and the financial hit I’ll be taking in the next couple months. It’ll be a great show–I hope I’m around to see it! I’ll be selling my books, CD, and performing too.

Yes, I’m fighting cancer for the third time and facing a serious operation and hope to get through it, but I feel so lucky and fortunate that so many comics, old friends, and so many others who have offered their help, support, and care, and reached into their hearts and their pockets at

The shiow and my supportive friends and the kindness of many strangers have empowered me with alarger life force and I’m grateful and humbled. Greg came to see me numerous times when I was getting chemo, bringing cds, books, magazines, and pharmaceuticals. And Robert devoted a lot of his time and his studio to help me produce my CD “Today Cancer Tomorrow The world…and then some.

One thing about being ill, it gives you the benefit of seeing if you made a life that was worth living.

If any of my distant friends want to fly out for the show, I’d love to show you the life I’ve been blessed to build.


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