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More Fred-For-Your-Head sayings

June 24, 2016

Have you noticed the people who say they never ask for much, are always asking how much?

Becoming a lawyer doesn’t cost you anything except a sense of worth and accomplishment.

Some people get intimidated by panhandlers. I enjoy turning down people for money that I don’t like. Besides, I need every dime I have until I get my next unemployment check. I’m not going to give my unearned money to hardworking bums.

The French language they never pronounce the whole word, that’s because they didn’t have the time because they were too busy retreating.

I like Farmer’s Markets it’s the only place where I can feel like I’m in the top-tenth if one-percent, Then again, doesn’t it seem like the top tenth of one percent is causing 99.9 percent of the misery in this world?

Saw a flag at Half mast in front of McDonalds. Does that mean they’re only serving unhappy meals?

Conservatives don’t believe in entitlement programs for a level playing field unless it means a golfing handicap giving them a stroke on every hole to win. That’s why they love their country—club.

People are capable of enormous generosity that can overwhelm you that inspires you to leave your comfort zone and become more compassionate for the suffering of others which is why I decided to curl up in fetal position until they go away and leave me alone.

I got a retroactive raise at work, trick is I have to go back in time to get it

People at work are weird. My take is if you don’t hang out with them, don’t trust them. You act happy, they’ll find a way to give you work you don’t want to do.

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