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Where’s the beef?

May 26, 2016
My surgery to remover the tumor on my esophagus and some lymph nodes is on June 10 at Stanford Hospital.
Okay. I met with two different surgeons. One is going to carve up part of my stomach and shape into a esopohagus food tube, then clamp it shut.
A two-hour procedure.
Then thoracic surgeon number two is going to make a tiny incisioin in my back between some ribs,clip several inches of my esophagus on either side opf my tumor then and use clamps to pull up the stomach and graft it to the remaining portion of my esophagus.
A four-hour procedure.
Maybe they are putting me under soi there won’t be any witnesses.
Then I’ll wake up with a small tube to feed me directly into my small intestine. And a tube in my nose to keep the pressure even in my food tube so a cough won’t screw up the stitches.
I’ll be in the hospital anywhere from a week to ten days.
Recovery from the surgery will be two months.
The hits just keep coming.
I think I’d feel better if the surgeons hadn’t graduated from Harris Ranch,


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