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An Example On How People Can Make A Difference

April 13, 2016


A True Literary Star!

Here’s Ashok. A great guy who runs the Goodwill Bookstore. He was so concerned when he found out I had cancer. He’s even a big fan of my novels and books (so he’s obviously intelligent and well-read). He;s turned me onto so many cool books, plus I’m able to pick up some CDs and books for friends. Most of the time aI shop for other people, He worked for B Dalton, then Borfder s (WHo closed in Santa Cruz and dumped him with hardly any severance or benefits), as good example of someone has had it rough, but instead of being bitter, makes this world a better place. Plus he’s a big Giants fan. And he decorates the place with vasrious memorabilia that means a great deal to him and reflects his passions and interests.

Check out that bacck wall. Every wall in the shop is like that! It reflects him! Wonderful!

He is one the people I LIVE for!

A kind man with a passion for books. The world should have more Ashoks!


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