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Destroy cancer with the music within you

April 12, 2016

Another thing I do to fight cancer. I listen to music where the tune starts with the singer being overcome, on the verge of losing, then the music builds and the singer finds himself, and rises! I imagine thast music asnd feeling thrumming through the cancer in me, and concentrate and try to make that tumnor cibrate and die, die, die, because the life it lead is a lie. I cry everytime I write stuff like this, bvut the tears drip, sometimes out of nowhere the enormoty of this sturggle hits me and I gasp and groan, and then I try to tighten and feel the resolve inside me, transofrming what could have been anger into a righteous and defiant punch of me and one for everyone else! ANd the music plays, I sing with a rage to pound those malformed cells out of me and everyone else’s world forever, and somehow, with the comedy and the4 pain, I see a Fred 4.0 emerging on the stage, and oh how I hope to overcome this to see what happens!

Even when you casn’t see the moon, you have to howl. Oh cool, I’m playing the La’s :”There she Goes…” Shifting back into those feelings when a girl goers by and you hoper she holds an answeert to life you can;t figure out by yourself., Ah the beauty, the elusiveness, run after it! Always run to life and ask it to go out with you. (Shit, I think I’m having a Hallmark hemmorage, someone talk me down. Call the David Lynch hotline! Huh, as if a nightmare offers alternatives.) Help, help. Time to catch a wave a flip an idiot off it! HA. Never trust the life I only the mind–do the Orsoin Welles, believe in creativity, anyone can be right, all you have to do is sharpen the same knife. Then again, that’s better than being spoon fed.

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