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Comedy and Clothes

April 12, 2016

I sunk in some money for some more nice clothes for chemo and performing. My tip for comics and everyone else: always dress better than the audience. It shows respect for them and a sense of achievement. (Trust me, people say it’s not important, but they lie.)

A discussion and Fred Comjmen

Trevor Shane Rogers I don’t necessarily think there’s anything wrong with dressing up to perform comedy, but it does send a subtle “establishment” message. It’s the antithesis of the “alt” movement, which is fine…it just depends on what kind of image you’re looking to project. I believe you should dress in whatever makes you most comfortable, because that’s what will improve your stage presence. I’ve seen comedians in baseball hats crush a room. You happen to feel most comfortable on stage in a suit, so it makes sense for you to wear one. But Louis CK is doing just fine in jeans and a t-shirt. Different strokes

Fred Reiss you are a bright and funny guy no doubt. And you’re right Yeah, but with alt comedy, the comics KNOW they have to dress a certain way, which you can say is “anti-estblishment (Wearing torn jean or a certain logo shirt can be just as conformist as a three-piece suit) And I think you can dress well without being establishment. I really do think it matters. Even if you;re wearing jeans and a casual shirt, wear the best kind. I remember when I was performing and wearing a suit in clubs, the comics were in sneakers, Pinky and the Bean T-shirts, and dirty sneakers. After I was done, the audience actually was less impressed with them–they were dressed like children not men their age. And they actually pressured me to dress down. And I don;t feel more comfortable dressed nice. Hey, from years of doing stand-up I learned people say it’s not important, but if you’re dressed sharp for you look it shows a PROFESSIONALISM (After all, you are working!). Even When Louis CK did the Oscars, he didn’t wear a tie, but he was wearing kick-ass casual. Hey, even when I was doing radio in San Jose I notived the morning guys were wearing the shorts and the dumb t-shirts, so I decided I’m going to dress better than the boss and them, and you know what, anytime anyone came to the station, they usually walked oveer to me becvause they thought I was in charge, and managment might not say it’s impoirtant, buyt again they lie. It’s a phony world but you can dress with style to protect yourself from them.
As Mark Twain said, “Clothes make the man. A naked man doesn’t go far in society. And Throieau said, “Beware of any enterprise that requires new clothes (or he quoted it). But then again, have you ever had a good look at Henry David Thoreau. Great look if you don’t want to have a date and watch a loon dive in a pond protected by Don Henly of the Eagle (A sucky but well-dressed bad–here I agree with Lubowski, “Not the Eagles Man.”)
I lean toward Mark in his white suit.


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