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What OJ and the Presidential Election have In Common

April 11, 2016

This election season is like the OJ trial, we’re seeing how the system works–in OJ it was enlightening to see how inarticulate bright lawyers are, but the deal was, hey even if the bad guy beats the system you’ll get them in civil court (People learned that lesson.)

So what does this have to do with politicis. Well, wew;re seeing how both Democratic and Gop machinery works. It’s been hidden underneathe the rippling American flag, and with the superdelegates we’re seeing that it’s the machine that determines the candidate, and those super delegates represents the machine, and unfairly have the right to VOTE TWICE. Regardless of popular vote, they can undermine it, and people are seeing the primary system that supposedly allows us to choose a candidate can sometimes just be a sham.

Bernie and Trump have exposed this.

And regardless of politics, the bulk of peoplke might be waking up that we outnumber the rich, who aren’t paying their full share not only in the US, but everywhere else in the world. I mean think of it, the Koch Borthers are in oil and gas, and spend millions to make more millions loosening environmental laws through fake organizations and fronts and paid pundits, as well as blaming govenmnet so they can get more tax breaks. And they alreay have billions, and still don;t have enough. And I’m the one who has cancer! HA!

In England, the people woke up after fighting WW2 and realized they outnumbered the upper class (Who’s ignorance and class allowed Hitler to come into power when they could have stopped himn before he had an army) and drove Downton Abbey out of government.

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