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Personality causes cancer, could be the other way around

April 11, 2016

Smeared by cancer’s fingerprints, a disease that wants to look at my organs as an all-you-can-eat buffet. When they say a sense of humor gets you through cancer, it’s worth noting that “humors” was a medical term coined by Aelius Galenus, or Galen, who derived his theory from Greek Physician Hippocrates that blood-letting and enemas were a cure because those lovely processes revolved around the theory of the body’s our fluid humors—red, white,, yellow, and black (A fifth Shecky Greene was discredited), and each of those colors represented a different disease, and letting bodily fluids loose was supposed to restore order to your body.

Now we’re more advanced and the fluids are going in the other direction: a chemo tidal bore. And with the medical charges, even though you didn’t get an enema or bleeding, they found a way to drain your bank account.

Some people console themselves that an upbeat personality will save them, and dismiss anyone who has cancer as someone whose personality has a “predisposition to cancer. They look at the personality he same way vegetarians look at their diet,= to think they’re immune, or a person who does a marathon is under the false assumption they’re perfectly healthy and don’t need check-up.
Yes, it’s important to have a fighting spirit against it, but to say because you’re sulking is allowing yourself to have cancer is ridiculous. What about people like Steve Jobs who never felt sorry for himself or anybody else? I love how people who defend him are always the ones who financially benefited from being within his Applecare. Or Lance Armstrong, who was arrogant, abandoned his adopted father, was making millions and ignored his mother who lost her home and was on welfare, and all he learned from cancer was how to cheat and forma an organization to promote himself on the IV-dripping suffering of others. to The one theory I might pose is that mean people are possibly carcinogenic
Some theories blaming the patient—like we’re our own victim. Is someone who simply lives and walks into cancer’s hurricane a victim? No scientific proof your personality causes cancer. Cancer has nothing to do with it. But it’s a strong mediator.

Then again, when I was first diagnosed, the doc gave me three months to live, not because of cancer, but because of my personality!


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