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Majuk Happens: A Friendship

April 11, 2016

Majuk Happens

Dr Z



I guess i’m on a roll this morning because of Wallace Baine’s article on me.

But yesterday, Dr. Zen Majuk, a gastro doc (If you need an endoscopy or colon check, this is your man!) weho I’ve known for over fifteen years. We met when I was hemorrhaging and he was telling jokes at me, and I thought,’Here I am hemorrhaging and he’s cracking jokes about me being rather pale, I like this guy!’ And he thought, “This guy is cool.” And we saw each other at all stages, I awoke that night covered in my own blood and waste, and apologized to the nurses as they cleaned me, and Dr. Zen removed and healed me from the polyp that invaded my intestinal wall.

And we became friends.

When I had cancer the second time, he offered his support and helped guide me. ANd he discovered my esophageal tumor, which my oncologist failed to see for two years! and he’s been my sherpa and friend and I just love the guy.

He’s has several degrees in his office, and one of them is a Heating and Air Conditioning degreee! The guy has a great sense or humor and compassion. He’s everything a doctor should be. Whern I was broke, which often happens on my career path, he said, “You’re on my capuccino and scone program.” And I’d bring that to his office and he’d see me.

He’s the doctor who goes to see people, he’s a doctor who cares, and he also works at Stanford and helps people there.

And Zen Majuk–hey, I said to him, “How can I not make it, wherever I go, I have Majuk (Magic,).

So we insisted he come to the house andLaurie cooked him some hot dogs, made suaerkraut. And I knew he loved keilbasi. So I made sure he had a keilbasi dog. So he chowed down and talked about everything from my health to Greece, to how the US was colonized in different regions.

And Zen Majuk–hey, I said to him, “How can I not make it, wherever I go for treatment, I have Majuk (Magic,).”

Remember, when you’re ill, there are peopler who might abandon you, but them Majuk Happens!

I love you Dr Majuk!


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