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Fred vs The Big C: Starting The Round

March 31, 2016

When cancer and I meet in our Rematch next week. We will go to the middle of the ring. Instead of obeying thge ref to tap gloves and come out fighting, I just punch cancer in the face and kick it below the belt and start pounding and relentlessly pounding the seething hell out of perfect malignant shape.

I don’t have to wait for a bell to ring to start a fight,” growl, pounding The Big C. “You taught me that the last time. I come from the land of new moves.” I keep swing until I’m weak and nauseous and aching and crawling and snarling, “If you think you were ugly before, you’re going be a lot uglier when I’m through with you.

And after my third cell-out bout with the useless nothing called cancer, I hope I live to have a few new ones!

I might be weak, unable to move, but I’m smiling and in the fight. When I was diagnosed esophageal cancer threw me off balance. But one thing I know now: I’m back and if you’re going to try to take all of me you’re going to have to take all of me. And that, is just not going to happen. I refuse, I refuse!”

There are bad things in this world worth hitting and taking down so you can extend a hand to help others or hug them.

And if anyone tells you otherwise, don’t turn your back on them!


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