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Mortality and tomorrow in New Jersey

March 28, 2016

Why is it in traumatic moments of mortality I’m drawn back to the past? I’m back in Clifton, New Jersey, with my young Dad coming back from being a forman at the Dupont plant to out home on 57 Sherman Place ANd he was young. Remember when our parents enjoyed touching each other? And there he came home,amd he would shower, and Mpm would have a beer for him. And he woud lie on the couch and she would rub his back. And there I was, with pictures of New YorkYankees taped to the door of my room in out wto family home–and yet the world was so wide. And their presence in that home gave me such strength of purpose of who I was, and how back then I listened to the story of Tubby The Tuba and identified with him, even before I could hit those notes, And Mom and Dad struggling, and yet all my sisters and I knew was that we were home, Oh, to be shaped by these seemingly insignificant things by people who haven;lt achieved their dreams but are moving in such as way we are all caught in the updraft, If it’s called nostalgia, then want do I want to live to see tomorrow?

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