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A PSA from Fred about Esophageal Cancer

March 26, 2016
One of the problems with esophageal cancer is most people don’t catch it early, because by the time they get the warning signs it has seriously advanced, such as difficulty swallowing. So, if you’re in you’re older get checked
I was lucky. Mine was discovered reasonably early BECAUSE I WENT FOR A CHECKUP.
Okay, here are a couple things to spread about esophagus cancer:
1.) I was told because I had radiation for testicular cancer many years ago, it has been linked to causing cancer in other parts of the body. So if you received radiation many years ago. Go in for a colon and throat scans!
2.) If you regularly have heartburn, that’s not normal. Say if you routinely pop Tums. Hearburn is potting soil for cancer. And you MUST go in for an endoscopy!
Hey, I’m going through this, I don;t want anyone else to suffer like me–except maybe a fdew bookers who don’t think I’m funny (Ooops, dark side Fred, down dark side!). I wouldn’t wish this on anybody.


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