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Multi-tasking: Cancer and punchlines

March 21, 2016
Today I have to yak with the Stanford Cancer Center about my “protocol.” But the difference between this cancer experience and my last one: I’m performing stand-up again. So I’m multi-tasking by fighting cancer and at the same time telling jokes. It gives me an edge. In fact, when I was getting my ultrasound endoscopy, I started working the room. They asked, “Are you allergic to anything?” “No, just nurse’s name tags. Why does yours say, ‘Jiffy Lube?” Then to another nurse, “Hey, you look tired, do you have to leave here for your second job at 7-11” They curled me up, sideways, butt-up. “I haven’t been in this position since prison.” They were laughing and said, “We don’t want to put this guy out, he’s funny.” I said, “This is an ulratsound, sounds like an amusement park ride, you should have one of those little figures of a tumor and say,”You can’t ride unless your tumor is this big.”
I worked this room before.
Then oddly, after being found with a confirmed malignancy and Stage 2 esophageal cancer, I’m back in the world, going for a coffee.
“How are you?” I asked the barrista.
The barrista said, “Fine, yourself?”
I pause, then say, “No complains. All good.”
Odd, huh?
And tonight, going to work on cancer jokes and new material at The Poet and The Patriot in Santa Cruz.


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