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Dark Money – a great book in the tradition of progressive muckraking

March 20, 2016

I highly recommend the book Dark Money. I rate this book right up there with the muckraking of Ida Tarbell on Standard Oil, Lincoln Steffen’s “Shame of The Cities,” and David Graham Phillips’s “Treason of The Senate (which led to having Senators elected, before they were merely appointed by vested trusts–this was in 1913!) I found that just about every piece of opposition and stupid comments from people have been created by a vast organization of billionaires, who pay Limbaugh and Fox News correspondents to read their scripts. And if you haven’t read this book and have some response to dismiss it, you’re response has been shaped by those billionaires so you will continue to do their bidding. One example of what they got away with, Obama tried to close a tax loophole that allowed Hedge Funds to claim their actual income was “interest” so they could get a lower tax rate (This for people who already have millions and sometimes billions of dollars already) and the Republicans funded by that Dark money and through various attack ads and staged demonstration andpaid protestors at town meetings (Remember those guys who shouted at legislators during the passage of the Affordable Care Act? Paid by the same groups). And the Senate didn’t pass the bill.

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