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LIVEstrong–no, LIEstrong

March 2, 2016

I don’t know what they do with testicles after they remove them, but in the hospital cafeteria, I’d stay away from the Lance Armstrong Swedish meatball sandwich.

Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong, should be Liestrong. Here’s a guy who went through chemo and instead of learning about how to relieve the suffering of others, formed an organization to promote himself through the suffering of others, then gets cured, and lies, cheats, and bullies, dopes, and blood-transfuses his way to win the Tour De France five tines, and along the path to millions, lets hius mother go on welfare, shuns the step-father who raised him, dumps his first wife for fashion models and Sheryl Crow—then afterwards is still in denial and claim he;s still the champion because every cyclist took drugs to win and he still beat them.

No wonder Lance Armstrong got testicular cancer…

The guy’s a dick.

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