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Fredly on politics and some one -iners

February 19, 2016


Fredly liners

Apple fighting the FBI over encrypted iPhones that can’t be opened, iI’d rather see the FBI force them to giver us back the original iTunes program.

If you ever go to thetAT&T at Pro-Am Golf Tournament Pebble Beach, here’s a TIP: If you see some bland looking guy making a lame joke and everyone laughs, he’s either a CEO being followed by his flunkies, or it’s Ray Romano. Actually CEOs pay 25,000 to be in the tournament to play Pebble, Spyglass and Montgerey Pennisula Golf Curse, actually cheaper than paying to play each course separately.

TED talks are to stand-up comedy what easy-listening is to rock.

Justice Scalia dies of natural causes, which for a conservative Republican means dying in an  exclusive resort and getting rid of the hooker before the police arriver at the scene.

Pepertual studfents who become barristas so they can graduate summa cum latte.

They call watching a movie on computers “streaming.” I call it cable television.

Zitka, a virus from a mosquito that can be sexually transmitted, Hey I’d admire anyone who has the tenacity to have sex with a mosquito.


I watched a Town Hall with Bernie and Hillary, and why is it when she says essentially same thing, she’s not making unrealistic promises. And largely, her criticism is the same thing she said about Obama in the last race. And Robert Reich who has known her since she was 17, is for Bernie, claiming his spirit can get things done, And when you talk experience, Herbert Hoover was very accomplished at getting things done, but the country needed the spirit of an FDR.

Man, even during the thing, you could see she has disciples, whereas Bernie stirs them up. Funny seeing people who are Republicans getting made at their health care bills and not putting it together that GOP’s intransigence prevented the existence of a better health care plan,



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