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Old doggie gets a treat

February 16, 2016

I was working at the Hallcrest Winery, a couple with an old dog came by, and sat at a table. A huge white, furry frayed-edge dog, with brown but friendly polar bear eyes. I gave him a doggie treat and pets

“Yes,” he said. “He’s slowly deteriorating. It’s tough, a member of the family.”

Awhile later, the man took the old dog for a walk. His wife sat alone at the table, whose mouth was slightly twisted (probably from a stroke) sadly said, “Yes, the dog might not be able to make it all the way back. Has a hard time walking now. It’s only a matter of time.”

I said, “Well, I’ve lost some animals and it is hard. even when you get them, you know what will eventually happen. But give yourself a medal. You are wiling to protect a living thing,only show it love, and I still willing to accept the future pain of their eventual loss. That’s a great quality.”

The man lifted the dog into the back of the car,

I walked over and said, :I can’t let your doggie leave here without a treat.”


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