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Unfamiliar People Doing Familiar Things

January 27, 2016
The surf was kinda settled. The swell direction had evened out. Some occasional shoulder to head-high sets coming in. The tides have been so funky, and the storms so frequent, that the surf has only been good for people who have way too much time on their hands for a window somewhere, or are pros taking off in sketchy spots for photos.
Anyway, I’m out there, And waiting for a wave. And this guy who I’ve never seen because I’ve never acknowledged, because he’s with a guy like him, who I’ve felt the same way about, which is neutral. Being isolated from them is better than having false conversations with people weho are only waiting for you to drop your guard so they can take thge wallet you didn’t know you dropped behind you.
ANd like all these false people, they have to get to know each other to believe they’re true. And I can only hear fragments of conversations: “FIve thousand dollars…I’d put that money in..” I’m thinking, I’m out in the ocean with people who are having tennis-court conversations.
Then a wave comes and one of the guys paddles around me to take it. He is surprised that I let him go, then start paddling. I look to my left and see another moron who paddled around him and is trying to get the way. I know neither guy can surf and decide to watch the show.
One guy drops straight and struggles to make the turn, the other is still lying down flat on his board and angling across the wave. They collide.
I smile. They got what was coming to them. And they won;t stop this behavcor until they actually lose teeth or get stitches. They desertve each other.
Funny, how neither can surf but both have picked up traits of stealing and snaking waves to get them. But oh, they are so friendly.
I hadn’t been out in the water for awhile. And I thought, watching those two paddle back out, and trying to scam for the next wave: unfamiliar people doing familiar things.
The next tine a guy tried to snake me oin the right, I stuffed him.
They are no one’s friend. I just made it official.


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