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One lesson from Cancer about People

December 23, 2015
When you have a disease or go through hard times I can tell you for people who won’t be there for you.
They’re the people there for the best moments of your life, but not for the lowest moments.
They’re the ones who you’ve done the MOST for, but have done the least for you.
The ones you tolerate and apologize for.
They’re the ones you invite them to parties and they bring cheap liquor, but drink everyone else’s good stuff.
They believe everyone else is there for them. They’re caretakers not caregivers.
And if you call them on their behavior for not being there for you, they’ll take offense and never see you again.
They have to move on to another host cell. But whomever they befriend again they can never say what they did to you. So in their hearts they know they’re liars. Some just see this as a method of survival, I guess.
One said to me, “You should be more tolerant of me after what you went through.”
“So, I’m the one who should have changed because you know what I’ve been through because you could accept and tolerate yourself for not being there for me. I think, you’re right, I am more tolerant of you.”


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