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Stan and Ollie an Xmas memory

December 22, 2015

During Xmas time the ultimate TV-east-coast inspiration of kid-time good vs evil and wins to save Toyland: Stan and Ollie in March of The Wooden Soldiers”

Sometimes when I was strapped with urine bags and getting chemo through a tube into the port in my chest I thought of Stan and Ollie launching those soldiers against cancer.

When Stan looks at Ollie and simply says, “You know what, the wooden soildiers.”

And they launch the soldiers into action.

There’s Barnaby laughing in triumph but then because of Stan and Ollie here come the soldiers to drive them out. Like those cancer cells that wanted to take me away…

Comedy is a fighting hero over evil!

And as the soldiers march out and Stan and Ollie dance it filled me These two men ruined me to live in dreams and power of funny for the rest of my life for a quest of punchlines in a world that takes itself too seriously

Fight against the tyranny of the ISIS in the hearts of those killers of any dream you have and slam them down with the fighting spirit of laughter in thew best of your soul.

And part of me is here because of the little kid that saw Stan and Ollie on TV during Xmas time

Stan and Ollie; a Christmas gift that opens up a heart every day at Xmas time.

I owe you two! Thank you!

Go to your heart, let no one take your pulse, beat on, beat on,


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