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Outside Amy Schumer: bleech

December 3, 2015
Just saw “Trainwreck.”
Spare me. This is what the New York Times said about Amy Shumer’s allegedly written Trainwreck (alias the WASP Margaret Cho):
“Ms. Schumer drew on her own life for the story, which she turned into something of a sexual bildungsroman cum romantic comedy jumping with pop-cultural references and edged with razored social cultural critique.”
Yikes! There wasn’t one thing she said that hasn’t been said by others. It explains to me why I’ve seen so many female comics without jokes merely do lines and graphic references to oral sex, male ejaculation, and vagina, breast size and whatever–stuff guys made jokes about in 8th grade. I’m not offended byt the material, just bored by it. But hey, if people want to pay for it, fine by me. Room for everyone. But IU will guarantee you, the female comics who always rant about how men superficially value looks over personality, once they make the money on this soapbox, they nearly all go off and get cosmetic surgery.
One thing about all the sex scenes, which are lauded because she’s a woman who gets what she wants. Well, not once does she seem interested in any way of giving a man pleasure. Instead, she lays there to takes command and criticizes. But that’s not sexism, right, because it’s a flaw in her character. Give me a break. If a guy did what she did–o=h wait one did, Andrew Dice Clay,LeBron stole the movie!
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