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Socialism ranters are panters

October 22, 2015
Here’s an odd thought. Again, find it interesting that people who benefit from serving in the military or spending their entire careers in the defense industry have all these strong pull-yourself-up-by-your-own-bootstraps (government issued, of course) philosophy that rants against “socialism.” (By the way, they rare look up the term and know it’s actual meaning, usually it’s based on their anger sat other people)).
Aside from those who served in combat, or have been injured in their service, what if the rest were completely denied benefits? After all, just because you worked for it and served doesn’t mean you’re entitled. Many people have worked for corporations or had their own comn-do business and find themselves with nothing. So, based on their own philosophy that no one gives you anything, why do these entitled-socialists feel their lives should be any different on what they believe should be a free market economy (And, of course, when they turn sixty-five, they’ll turn down Medicare out of principle, right?) Oh, they earned and sacrificed , right. ANd we didn’t.
I suggest they read Paul Theroux’s “Deep South” to have an enlightened opinion, instead of what they do best, comparative anger. And often use the shortcomings of their own professional liveds as examples, and they’re bad examples.Then rant with uneducated opinions about the medical systems of Australia, England, and Canada. Isn;t it sad that after WW2 when everyone from all stratas of society served and fought that the AMA still fought against National Health Care but England in 1948 felt they had a responsibility to all their classes and passed it. And if that form of socialized medicine is so bad, how come no country has repealed it?


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