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Balls Out Funny; My self-help testicular cancer joke book is now an eBook!

October 13, 2015


Get The book

My self-help cancer joke book is an eBook on Amazon!
Grab Testicular cancer by the short hairs!
I’ve been there twice!

Ok! It’s out. After surviving cancer for the second time and getting back into perfo0rming and telling jokes, I found there was a need for a light, humorous self-help testricular cancer book (Actually, I think it would help anyone who has any type of cancer or is a caregiver or an oncologist or nurse.) .

Being funny defines the moment. It shows you are never overwhelmed by a process and maintain your dignity. ANd when you maintain your dignity, you reinvigorate the sense of who you are, and that you have a life worth fighting for. Because fighting for your life is the noblest act in life/ Many people surprisingly never have the chance, and merely leave this world in passive-resistance. But this book shows you how you can get more out of cancer than it can get out of you. After all, cancer is a terrorist cells that dies when you die, but you have a life that can defeat it.

My other book, Today Cancer Tomorrow The World, is more of a powerful, but also funny first-person account of my first and second battle with testicular cancer. This book is lighter on the personal stuff, quick on information, jokes, has cartoons and advice on how to adapt to a new life. When you lose your testicles–well, you have to repackage yourself, right?

I hope you enjoy it and buy it. After all, cancer wiped me out financially (so did 2008), and this was one way I decided to downsize the world and outsource myself.

But my main goal is to give others the told that got me through the cancer battlefield, and help them get through it. I’ll never forget that there are people out there suffering and fighting through chemo and radiation and who are loved and this is my way of giving them another weapon to defeat cancer: the power of their very life.


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