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What Sevi Taught Me

October 8, 2015


What Sevi Taught Me

Sevi had an irritating habit of barking in the middle of the night at whatever possum or raccoon or skunk might be outside.

She would always go crazy if she saw another dog, bark in the car or pull on the leash going 0-60 at the sight of another dog.

Then Sevi got sick

She didn’t bark at night, go crazy seeing another dog, try to eat the cat’s food, She would simply lie on the floor, eyes flat, tail dragging, then limping.

We took her to the vet. They gace us antibotics etc. And we petted Sevi and gave her a dog bacon snack, which was the only thing she would eat.

Then Sevi got better. She started running around, her tail was up, and she’d jump on the bed again for no reason. And yes she barked and went crazy at the sight of any other animal.

So all things mean Sevi was healthy.

So know when Sevi barks in the middle of the night or goes crazy at the sight of another dog, I’m happy becausde that means Sevi is Sevi and happy and healthy and that’s all her.

Sevi is back.

And like with people, whatever might irritate you, maybe you should let it go, and know as long as they have those habits it’s all of them and they are healthy and fully alive.


Thanks Sevi!

Thanks for getting better. Sometimes a lot of pets make a difference! You gotta believe in them.


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