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Randall Graham Scam

August 12, 2015

Randall Graham is a Francophile and a brilliant marketeer, But why is he considered so Santa Cruz? Mr. Bonny Doon? Look at the 4th-Santa Cruz-gneratlion Beauregard family who actually grows Pinot Noir in Bonny Doon and established the appellation. And Graham made his money–and then some–not from fulfilling his Quixotic quest to make a great Pinot Noir, but from devoting all his allegedly iconoclastic energies going to the “dark side”and selling out (when he truly didn’t need the money) by producing commodity wines like Big House Red. Nothing wrong with making money, but a rebel. Spare me! There are so many winemakers in the Santa Cruz mountains whose wines have proven what Graham says is impossible to achieve (for him and his money). How many times can Graham tell the same story of creating something that’s not there? He’s like his wine–he hasn’t aged well. He’s a sales pitch. If you believe him, you’re not drinking wine, you’re drinking his Kool-Aid. 

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