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Thanks for sharing the wave–but I wasn’t sharing!

August 6, 2015

I look out at Pleasure Point and see that Richard Schmidt has a surf class of twenty or more people clogging the lineup (at $100-plus a pop, I guess it’s worth being a local boy willing to ruin a surf spot to fatten the point break of your bank account). It’s funny, the more money people make the less they feel they have to listen to anyone. You can’t argue people want to learn to surf, but the problem is you can’t argue or talk to them–especially the instructors who are paddling next to students, shoving them into waves and shouting, “Stand up.”

I predicted a lot of this in my novel, Surf Dot Com which came out in the late nineties. Only this time, these are the children of the idiots from the first dot-com rush at Santa Cruz. SP they’re Clueless Squared (if they own a house in Santa Cruz they’re Clueless Cubed!

Anyway, the surf is packed wit tons of people whose heads look like raisins floating in pudding. Most look like they were washed up into the ocean on boards from the shore.

I let a few waves go through to the class, then go for one, and an instructor who sees me coming still shoves a student in front of me.

I said, “That’s how you’re teaching them etiquette by shoving people in front of someone who is going for a wave? How much did you make on that? $75. Or was it a $100 worth of shit to give me? Thanks for ruining this surf spot. I hope their checks clear.”

Later, I’m changing out of my wetsuit and see Schmidt walking up the street with his dog. I crawl back into my car because I don’t want to deal with him. I respect him as a big wave surfer and his skills, but when it comes to what he has done to surf spots, along with ed Guzman, I would rather just ignore him. They don’t care about me or anyone else, they mainly diplomatically talk so they can play politics with locals so they cane continue to saturate the spots with their students–we’re just paper clips on their desk at work.

They learned the true way of making a living as weasel. Don’t get into any argument on either side of a point, stay in the middle, and soak both ends for cash. SO they stand for nothing. The only way they show their true personality is when you refuse to speak to them, then they go harsh.

He says to me, “Thanks for sharing your surf spot.”

These people keep using that phrase. Thanks for sharing the wave. Thanks for sharing that ride.

It’s not sharing, they’re taking.


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