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Firest lesson of your home break: avoid sorrow

August 6, 2015

There are grousing guys who lean on the railing and grumble about the surfing scene. What they don;t realize is they have been overtaken by the close-out set of sorrow, which is like being an alcoholic. What I mean is this: in sorrow, you look at every day as a disappointment compared to the past, and so you keep drinking deeper and deeper and then the actual day is gone.

There are days where I don’t bother to go out, Days where there are close out sets and the clueless represent a physical danger. But all in all, because I almost lost this entire world and everything else to cancer, I can;t allow these distraction to take me away from my heart. The clueless are self-contained, linked-in, everything is gathered like souvenirs at an event. But like many things in life it is not OF THEM. And so all their views are reinforced in the lifestyle, which is slowly strangling them. Their lives are contrail, while those with soul are flying. They’re under the illusion they are in the sky. They are land-based in the water, and clinging to the bottom, which is the shore of nothingness–0they’re good at that, it’s where they make their money, and keep others away. All they can hope to do is rise to the surface. And the surface is as deep as they can get!

Don’t stick the needle of sorrow in your vein, you’ll never paddle out!

But they will.


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