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Why is Trump a surprise?

July 19, 2015

Trump’s the Republican party without Reagan Halloween mask.The Republican party is lost because they can’t seem to find another Halloween mask to convince people they’re someone else to Trick and Treat Themselves on our candy.

People are surprised that Trump is getting a strong response and citing how the party of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower and even Reagan (who suggested raising taxes on the rich), has gotten lost.

Are you kidding?

Let’s see, this is also the party of Coolidge, Harding, Hoover, Nixon. The party that turned on Lincoln and fought reconstruction. The party that gave us the Depression, the 2008 economic debacle, supported segregation, continued the Vietnam War for another eight years, gave us Joseph McCarthy, stirred up the Mideast (and missed the warning signs of 9/11, fought Health care in every form, Civil Rights, Women’s Right, Gay Rights as well as social security and Medicare, attempted to disgrace the nobel General Marshall (Although Truman didn’t rise to this defense). And rail about socialism. I love how former military people are Republicans who rail against the government and scream about socialism when the military is the greatest example of socialism in our country–they don’t mind that.

Be serious, and what do they yak about culture issues that divide us, and the government is our enemy, etc, Here’s the policy of change. Regardless of how people attack the Dems, and they’re not perfect, at least offer a program beyond anti and hate and division. Somehow without listing facts, they just rail about the usual. So nothing Trump says or the support he says surprises me.

Where’s the moderate voice. Huntsman was as close as they came, and they destroyed him. And yes, I do wish there was someone else besides Hillary.


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