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A nice Fredly story from a biker named Ray

July 19, 2015

A nice story:
A biker by the name of Ray. SHaved sides of head. Crew cut. Stocky. Sleeveless shirt. Six-feet. 300-pounds. Glasses and fishing ball cap. Mid-forties.

Rays says, “Redheads are a different breed. My mother and father were redheads. When my Mom was pregnant with me. My Dad gave her money for an abortion. She came back with baby clothes. AMd I’m forever grateful.” He paused. “can’t say I get along with them.”

I said, “Great story.”

He replied, “It’s true.”

I said, “The truth sticks. That’s why I’ll always remember it.”

I love finding these seashells in people along the beach of life.

Thanks Ray.

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