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Sperm typos: chest-high rippers on the waterslide

July 3, 2015

Out in the water. Not much happening. Scored one outsider amid the land of the chest-high rippers on their Costco boards with their dates and coworkers who think the place is a waterslide. They worst ones always have to paddle out in groups, Funny, the women always feel they have to engage and talk to each other in the water. And they don’t stop talking! The guys who talk are usually types basting themselves as we-live-in-santa-cruz-and-surf-and-joined-a-club-and-eat-at-local-breakfast-joints-with-peopkle-like-us-and-say-we-surf, The most interesting part of them is the hyphen. Most of them are sperm typos, (Oh, this is an excerpt from my surf-no0vel-in-progress–ir regression)

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