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Dads. The best ones give you a dream you never wake up from

June 21, 2015



I guess this is one of my favorite pictures of Dad. Dad coming home from work to our home at 223 Stonehurst Blvd in Freehold, NJ. A warm home. My sister looking up at him. I probably too this photo with my Kodak Instamatic Camera,

I think of all those Dads/ Those quiet heroes who commute to work and come home to their family every day. In Freehold at seven in the evening, we’d hear the bus going past the house, and there would be Dad, coming up the driveway, carrying his London fog over his arm, and holding an attache case, and we’d cheer him. Lost Dad some years ago, but throughout this week, he’s been visiting me in dreams and bringing up tears and there are times when I’m surfing or driving where I feel he is looking out through my eyes and enjoying what I’m doing. And I’m so glad he’s along for the ride.

Maybe because I’m getting back to performing again, and I think how Dad supported me by sending me to college, and because of him, the world he handed off to me, gave me a chance to become the best person I was capable of becoming. And oddly, a phrase come to me and I say aloud in the car, “Don’t let anyone wake you up from your dreams!” And I say to Dad, “Don’t worry Dad, no matter what I’m going through, hard times or rejections, or whatever, no one will wake me up from the dream you gave me.

And right, how the tears of gratitude and humbles roll and sting down the cheeks because he gae me a soul without a drought.


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