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Soulless: how they homogenized surfing with pasteurized people

May 31, 2015

New York Times pierce on surfing b y a NYT person. Bleech!


Bleeeech. Typical example of how people can take up surfing and not be surfers. The woman has to take a class to learn. She goes on a paid surf lesson trip to Costa Rica. She then talks about how she discovered the importance of a community of people. Yet, instead of on surfing by herself, she gets an instructor. Instead of getting in shape in the water, she hires a trainer. So she learned by taking courses in an accepted fashion. And that’s what’s out there now. It’s pilates on a longboad in the morning and Starbucks in the afternoon, Why didn’t she surf before she was 50? Largely because it wasn’t acceptable. But now with instructors, and trainers, and paid surf trips. II’s all homogenized and safe and she’s in the water with people just like her. And they are the fake cool, and the worst. The driest people in the water. Homogenized surfing with pasteurized people. Bleeech!



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