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Aaaargh–Americana folksingers without hooks

May 17, 2015

Man, saw an Americana folksinger last night who launched into a hookless 10-minute dirge about some Indian woman he had a love affair with but who had issues., After nine-minute I would have dumped her. And A minute later, I would have wanted to hear other lyrics. Painful. I had more fun on a CT scan for my cancer follow-up. I wondered if the guy did funerals. after twenty minutes, I staggered out of there, walking past intensely absorbed fans who I’m glad I never will get to know. It was like escaping from a cult. Out to the fresh air and the joy of the night without acoustic moaning in the trees.

I still need CPR!



I’m still suffering from post-folksinger-stress syndrome: I’m unable to have a sensitive feeling without laughing.

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